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Contrary to popular belief, journalists can be trusted!



One of the conversations that has come up recently between me and my fellow Journalism majors is how the public does not seem to trust journalists. As those writing the stories this is a crazy notion to us, but I can see where the public is coming from. With so many questionable news sources out there, it is very hard to know how accurate, or even truthful, a news story is. As a reporter, there is nothing I hate more than fake journalism! I read an issue of “People,” and I cringe when I see entire stories not attributed to any sources. I think how did that even get published since it seems the story is based off of hearsay rather than fact. But if you look at a story from say “The New York Times,” you will find sentence after sentence of quotes and attributions from sources. I have often wondered how worth my time it is to go after a source since it takes quite a bit of work to track someone down, but after reading the final product I am always happy that I did. For the majority of the time, journalists are most likely the most trustworthy people out there since they want the information to be accurate just as much as the person they talk to does. But the real question here is, how do we as journalists prove to the public that we are trustworthy? This is not an easy question to answer, and it will probably take years of building our reputations to do so. We discussed yesterday in class how nice it would be to be the reporter that our newspaper, website, or whatever organization we are working for, turns to when they need any type of story covered. Not only does this mean your trustworthy, but you have gotten to the point in your career where people actually enjoy reading what you have to say. We are all just starting out in our careers, and in a matter of weeks we will walk across the stage and enter the real world. We are all in agreement that we want to be the type of journalists that people trust, but we also want to be the journalists that people can talk to about anything. Journalists are human beings, and there will be times when we do get things wrong. But for the most part, the public needs to remember that journalists are okay people to be around, and more than okay to talk to, no matter the situation!





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