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How do we know what we know, and is it enough?



In class today, while discussing the book “Blur,” an interesting topic came up. The book asked us, “Is what we know enough?” In an age where news is all around us, there are SO many things to know! The hard part is what exactly do we focus on. Whether it be politics, pop culture, the economy or a handful of other topics, we have to ask ourselves have we left every rock unturned when it comes to being in the know. As journalists, we are expected to bring today’s headlines to the masses, so many people assume that we are in the know about today’s current topics. But in reality, we are trudging through Twitter, Facebook, newspaper websites, and news websites just like everyone else. The difference is we have to delve deeper than just a news blurb. We have to figure out how to make what we know interesting for everyone else which can often be a very difficult job. And when we do not make it interesting, or even get the facts wrong, we get called out for it. This is when what we know may not be enough. But when we do know something, it can lead to everything. We cannot sit idle and watch stories pass us by. We need to get out there and find them. We need to have our feelers out there, scoping everything out. We also need to know what we don’t know and find out more. The work of a Journalist NEVER stops, but that is all a part of the fun of it.





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