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Finding Our Voices



In almost all of my Journalism classes, my classmates and I have learned “how to write.” Whether that be for a news story, feature writing or opinions/editorials, each type of writing has its own style. But we as reporters also have our own style. I can remember entering college, and being the recent high school graduate that I was, I thought I knew how to write. Three and a half years later and quite a few Journalism classes under my belt, I can honestly say now I had no clue how to write! I was still in the mindset of writing for English and History classes, using words I know I would NEVER use in an article I would write tomorrow! For some reason, I thought that writing in an elevated tone was the way to go when I started out. Now, I see that is probably not the best writing style. You want to engage the readers, not write as if you know everything. And you also want the story to read like an actual story, NOT a History textbook! The hard part about this is though finding your true writing voice does not come so easily. After living with an English major for the past two years, I have seen just about every writer I know try and figure out how THEY want to sound in their stories and articles. Yes we can read countless award-winning stories and say “I want to do THIS in my own writing,” but their voices and styles are different from our own. Yes we are still learning, and will surely do so for the next few years as we get into our careers. The one thing that I want to do before I walk across the stage in May though is have a definite idea of how I want to sound once I start writing. This is going to require some soul searching, and probably multiple rewrites, but in the end I will have an identity whenever I sit down to write which to me is an incredible thing!


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  1. Calvin says:

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    Provide links to articles or ideas that connect to the ideas WITHIN your posts. (Choose a word in the post as the link.) Remember that three to four links is a REQUIREMENT. So link news stories, surveys, reports, multimedia to the ideas in your blog posts. And don’t forget to tweet. (Grade reduction of 10 points for no tweets.)

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