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Journalism is not defined by a degree!



The past few days, I have been talking with my fellow Journalism majors about what we will be doing post-graduation. I have the months counted down to graduation already, and as the day draws nearer and nearer I am slowly but surely becoming more terrified of what comes after I leave this mountain. The nightly news blatantly tells us soon-to-be-graduates that it is grim out there. Ask any one of my friends who walked last year, and they can tell you that it is no cakewalk in the real world. And what’s even worse is we hear all the time that “Journalism is dying,” or even morbid, “Journalism is dead.” Now, I being the eternal optimist know that Journalism is not dead, it is just going through a metamorphosis. But right now, that is not helping the job situation. So many people think that all Journalism is is newspapers, televisions or magazines. But I see so much more for myself and my degree! I wrote for the campus newspaper my sophomore year, and have to say that after my year there I knew I was NOT cut out to be a traditional newspaper Journalist. This left me mystified since that had always been my plan. I wasn’t left hanging in the balance for long though because after interning with a Broadway Production Company in New York City almost two years ago, I realized I want to be a theatre Journalist, covering the hustle and bustle of the New York theatre scene. I’ve been getting the “what will you do after graduation” quite a lot these days, and when I tell people my plan,they are surprised, then confused about how that fits into Journalism. Going off of what my classmates and I have said, there are not very many of us who actually want to go into working for newspapers or magazines. We all want something a little different, whether that be television reporting, publishing, or working for non-profit groups. Whatever it is though our degrees are just slips of paper, they do not necessarily define where we will work.





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