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Benefits of being a Journalist, giving a voice to the unpopular topics



One thing I have always said about Journalism is that I liked telling people’s stories. I remember the first time I realized what I journalist was, I was around five or six, and my dad worded it to me as “someone who tells people’s stories.” When I heard that, I remember thinking, “that’s what I want to do.” Obviously, I’ve never looked back. I’ve been writing since I was a sophomore in high school, but it took me til my sophomore year in college when I was working for the campus newspaper to really GET what being a Journalist was. That idea has only grown, and I can now say more than ever that I love what I will be doing after I graduate. As many Journalism students have experienced, part of being a Journalism major in college is writing stories on a weekly basis while covering a certain beat. I’ve had to do this for two of my Journalism classes, and have always geared more towards the Culture and Lifestyles beats. I don’t know if it’s because I consider myself to be artsy, or that I can relate to people, but I often find myself being wrapped up in the stories that my interview subjects tell me during my time with them. Some are amazing, some are heartbreaking, others are just what we like to call life. But in the end, their story helps me write one of my own. And I absolutely LOVE the interviews when someone tells me “I’m so happy you’re covering this, it doesn’t happen very often.” There is something so satisfying to me about bringing attention to a topic that may not be so popular, and realizing “I may have just brightened this person’s day, or even more” by simply talking to them about whatever it is that they’re involved with. Yes I have had moments where I’ve been given some incredible assignments, like the time I got to talk to Bill Cosby who talked to me for so long he made me late for my next class. Or the time that I got to talk to about six students at Appalachian who were trying out for the television show “Glee.” Yes those assignments were fun to do, but it is the less popular topics, like the disappearing of outdoor dramas from North Carolina, or the importance of arts education, that I have enjoyed writing about the most. Just goes to show you that you do not have to have a Pulitzer Prize winning topic to make a difference, you just have to write.




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  1. Thank you for the inclusion! There’s so much value in creating your own content that doesn’t exist > you’re motivated to create what you love & need!

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