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Weather, the Journalist’s enemy!



Two days before Valentine’s Day, the High Country received one of the old fashioned snow storms that people love to talk about. It started lightly enough with only two inches or so staying on the ground. Then it got worse, and worse and worse. Now Appalachian State is not known to cancel classes just because of snow as so many other universities in North Carolina are, but this was one exception. Calling off classes on February 13 students were overjoyed, but Journalism students were left with a conflict-how will we get our stories done with no school? I had already begun working on my story, and with the storm could not get to campus to interview my sources.  Now I know that in the real world of Journalism, the chance of story deadlines being pushed back would be slim to none. Thankfully though, the snow was just deep enough to actually make this a reality. Instead of rushing around trying to track down my sources at the very last minute, I was given another week to talk to people, to get the facts right and to add more details. I am one of those writers that can write under pressure, but the end result will not be as good as it would have been if I had been given ample time. Now that the story has been written, I am proud to say I feel as if I was able to put all the story pieces together for the story, despite the weather. But the bigger question is, do the readers think the story is good enough?




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