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Will we ever leave Journalism?



With all the talk hitting us in the face these days about Journalism dying, it is extremely hard for some people to realize why we go ahead with getting our degrees in this field. They just cannot fathom the thrill we journalists have when we connect with a source, find the best news story, or tell someone else’s story.

We’ve already established on here that Journalism is not dying, but just changing. Despite this, a thought that remains in the back of my mind is “Will we ever leave Journalism?”

This issue was brought up on a fellow journalist’s and friend’s blog. She describes how she has had quite a few friends, who started out as journalists, leave for other parts of the industry. There is some definite truth in the fact that the traditional job of a journalist is changing by the day.  The days when you did not have to know anything about technology are long over. Now, you have to not only be a good writer, but you have to know how to pitch your story to your audiences on social media and on the web which is not an easy task.

Just today, I had an interview for an internship, and the first thing they referred to was, “You say that your a Journalism major, but you have all this background in graphic design. How did that happen?” In the 30 minute interview I had, not one question was geared towards my writing portfolio, what types of stories I’ve done, or even what publications I worked for. What the person interviewing me wanted to know was where did my skills in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator come from and what design work had I done.

This is not the first time it has happened. In fact, this has happened on every interview I have had. I have NEVER been asked about my Journalism skills, only my design work. This worries me since this is not all I want to do.

I understand the importance of having other skills besides writing. I enjoy graphic design, and I’d like to think I am good at it even though I know I am nowhere near as good as other people I know. For once though, I would like to be asked “Why did you choose Jouranlism?” That is a question I can elaborate on till the sun goes down. That is what I want to do in the future in addition to any graphic design work that comes along.

There is no denying that the world of Journalism is changing. The question of leaving it now is a definite no. I’m not even out of college yet, so I do not even want to think about changing careers already. There may come a time when it is just the right moment to do so though. And as much as it would pain me to leave, I would do so knowing that it was the right one.

I just hope that if that day should come, it is not in the near future because this journalist has a few more stories that I want to tell.


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