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Nick Offerman’s “American Ham,” a reporter’s perspective



If you have stumbled upon NBC’s hit “Parks and Recreation,” then you have most likely seen Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson. On television, he may be known for his mustache, but off stage, he’d rather be known for his woodworking. On Wednesday night, me and 2,000 other Appalachian State students had the chance to see Mr. Offerman’s comedic talents for ourselves, and it was far better than watching any episode on television.

There is no skirting around the fact that Offerman’s comedy is a bit raunchy and blunt. That is precisely what makes him funny though! As a reporter, I have covered quite a few concerts or performances, so being there was nothing new. What I wasn’t prepared for though was just how strong of a reaction the audience would have!

Offerman’s “American Ham” is a mix of jokes on his adolescence, and a showcase of his musical talents. His main focus of the show was by far his “10 tips for a prosperous life.” These tips consist of both sound advice and some ridiculous ideas, such as “paddle your own canoe,” carry a hanky,” and “maintain a relationship with Jesus Christ if it’s getting you sex.”

These ideas caused roaring laughter throughout the night despite being a bit risque. Many students that wound up at Wednesday’s show likely came because of Offerman’s role on “Parks and Rec.” But by the end, it was clear just talking to students that they had more respect for the comedian and actor. And from talking to people that worked behind the scenes, Offerman was even easier to work with than he was to watch on stage, which is not always the case with performers.

As a reporter, these are by far my favorite types of events to cover. Seeing an audience interact with a performer and vise versa has just always interested me, and it is a pleasure to see it so frequently. Offerman’s “American Ham” differed though just because it was so down to earth which made reporting on it even easier!


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