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First week on the job, so far so good



So here it is the end of the first week of reporting for this class, and thankfully I’m not overwhelmed as of yet! I think working for so many different publications in the past, including The Appalachian, has really toned down my panic levels when it comes to getting sources since nothing can really phase me anymore. Even when I was unsure of where to even start obtaining sources for my Nick Offerman performance story this week, I somehow remained calm and somehow knew that everything would work out.

I do not think that there is anywhere more stressful than a newsroom. Whether it is sources not getting back to you, stories changing on a dime or when you have to totally re-write a story,  journalists have to have extremely high levels of patience and tolerance if they want to work in this field. There have been weeks where I have been the stressed out writer, completely confused as to how I was going to get all the information I needed for a particular story. Luckily this week was not one of them for the most part.

The one aspect that did worry me slightly, however, was the time aspect. My chosen story was coverage-based, so I knew where and when I would need to find sources. Even with this in mind, I kept thinking there was a slight possibility that I would have people unwilling to talk with me, or even worse, not enough sources. Thankfully, everyone I talked to was more than happy to voice their opinions on the show and I was even able to get in contact with a few expert sources that had more than enough information for me.

Even with this great week under my belt, I know that not every week will be this cut and dried. At the moment, I have narrowed down my story topics for next week, and am hoping that it will be a great story. I’m also anxious as to how fast my necessary sources will get back to me. If I have learned anything from being a journalist though, it is that you cannot possibly predict the future so you might as well go with the flow. With that in mind, here’s to hoping for a smooth week!


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