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Q&A sesssion with Janie, a pink collar worker



Yesterday I had the chance to grab lunch with a young woman who works at the local organization for an assignment. Our task as a class was to either interview a blue or pink collar worker. Through a few fellow friends and contacts I met Janie who works at OASIS, a Boone-based non-profit which helps victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Janie had been volunteering with the charity since 2007, and was hired for full-time work just over a year ago. Janie currently works as the permanent housing coordinator, making sure that those leaving the OASIS shelter have sufficient housing. Though she gave no details for specific cases or clients, it was easy to tell that this is certainly not always the easiest job.

As someone who has an aunt who serves as a District Attorney for domestic violence in California, I have heard some stories dealing with these issues. The subject of domestic violence of sexual abuse is not discussed in the mainstream media as much as it should have. After all, as journalists, we are obligated to discover the truth. Somehow, however, this particular issue often falls through the cracks when it comes to the final story.

Janie said the easiest thing to do to counter this though is to just talk about it and support those that may have experienced it. Some people may view it as a shameful act, but Janie says the more that these types of situations are exposed, the easier they are to talk about and prevent. As future journalists, covering these types of serious issues will never be easy. We can do our best, however, to expose such situations when they occur, and hope that by doing so we can prevent it from happening to someone else.



Appalachian Sexual Assault Services


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