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The next generation of Journalism: what should we be focusing on?



Journalism is all about what is going on now and what is worth reporting on. Due to so many media outlets constantly invading our lives, however, individuals have come to view the news as a nuisance rather than helpful.

With this in mind, the new generation journalists have a difficult task ahead of them in trying to convince people that the news is worth reading. There are many routes to go about this, yet none is easier than the other.

To attract readers, new journalists must be able to analyze the information that is being thrown at them and remove unwanted and unnecessary information. Also, they must be quick enough to catch on to new technology to stay on the same level as their readers.

Journalists must be focused on accurate information instead of using false information to make a story appear fascinating. Stories must be factual, interesting, and meaningful. After all, what is the point of reporting a story if it doesn’t even interest the writer?

Stories should focus on the most recent news events, but that does not necessarily mean they all mus be violent subjects. Instead of focusing on the hate in the world, take the initiative to find an uplifting story that resonates with readers.

Writers must also focus on how to deliver their stories in as small of a package as possible. It is a proven fact that readers stop reading stories about two paragraphs in. Therefore, it is vital to write assignments in a way that has all the necessary information in the first few sentences instead of in the conclusion.

Finally, the new generation must create a name for themselves in the field that both builds upon what other writers have already done yet still sets them apart from the pack. Whether that is focusing on new story subjects or altering the writing style, something must be done to force our generation to pay attention to the news.


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